Sunday, January 8, 2012


My husband and I needed to run some errands on Saturday, so we took the opportunity to go to the Amish community that is nearby. We scored some major deals!

At the discount grocery store:

8 containers of frozen soup, 4 of Cream of Brocolli and 4 of clam chowder. None had passed the expiration date. With these,all you have to do is add 2 quarts of milk to one frozen container's contents and heat in a double boiler. Each container serves 4, plus enough for 3-4 extra leftover servings. Cost for all 8: $21.75!!!

Three large boxes of cereal for $4

8 packages of freezer bags(18 quart size in each box) for $1.30 each

3 boxed of large garbage bags, 84 in each box for $4 per box

At the regular Amish store:

50 lb. Bag of really nice white potatoes for $10

Box of 42 large green peppers for, get this, $6.50!!! Over half are already sliced and frozen, a few are in the fridge, the rest I will share with co-workers

Large shrink pack of active dry yeast for $4.95

I am very excited about these deals! I also went to or local store and picked up the following during their three day sale:

5 bags of lettuce for 0.68 each

4 loaves Whole wheat bread for $.99 each put them in the freezer

2 - 16 Oz. Cottage cheese for $.99

5 bags of doritos for $1.88 each, not a necessity, but at that price, we'll have some walking tacos, taco pizza and I'll use some for lunches

5 - 3.5 lb. Bags of boneless chicken breasts for $3.50 per bag

I used a total of $148 of my grocery budget, but got a lot for my money! I finally got my debt totaled, so I'll post that tomorrow.

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